Emily Gurland is a born and raised New Yorker, director/photographer and dj. She is magnetically drawn to lyrical portraits exploring the intricacies and nuances of being human. Creating in all mediums, from narrative to commercial to documentary, she is radically passionate about collaborating with women, non-binary folks and artists of
color in front of & behind the camera, whose experiences deserve dynamic on screen portrayals.

Emily was one of the first and youngest directors to be interviewed and featured on
Free the Bid, the first iteration of what is now Free The Work– a highly distinguished global non-profit that has been leveling the playing field for female creatives behind the lens since 2016.

In 2021 she co-founded her production company æ vision and is currently in post with her debut film titled, "Blueberry Island." She seeks to emanate playful energy & joy within all spaces she creates, while moving with a strong spirit and value for community & love at the center.